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Posts Tagged ‘History papers’

Night by Elie Wiesel Essay

Elie Wiesel’s ‘Night’: Not Just another Holocaust Novel The most popular Holocaust novel is The Diary of a Young Girl, an autobiography by Anne Frank, a sufferer of the Holocaust who died of typhus in one of Germany’s concentration camps. However, Anne Frank’s is not the only memoir worth a read. For some people who […]

George Washington Essay

Is it troubling you “how to write a George Washington essay?” Don’t worry because this article will tell you how and what you are going to write in several steps. To write a George Washington essay is not that complicated at all. George Washington is an icon in American history, and he was also the […]

Cold War Essay Topics

Writing an essay on the Cold War can be very interesting. This is an important part of the American history and there are a lot of aspects or Cold War essay topics that you can explore. But at the same time, you should also be careful in writing a Cold War essay. Make sure that […]

Causes of the Cold War Essay

Tips for Writing Causes of the Cold War Essays Causes of the Cold War essay can be a challenging writing task. The fact that it happened in real life and it is a significant part of the American history does not make it any easier. Hence, it is important that you have ample preparation when […]

Frederick Douglass Research Paper

The Life and Legacy of Frederick Douglass The life of Frederick Douglass serves as an inspiration to strive for good even amidst difficulty. If you haven’t heard about him, Frederick Douglass was a famous reformer, writer, statesman, and orator. He escaped slavery as a teenager. Ever since, he has dedicated his life in campaigning against […]

Frederick Douglass Essay Topics

Suggested Topics Related to Frederick Douglass’ Life and Legacy Frederick Douglass is a brave man who fought slavery and inequality during the 1800s. At the time, this was not an easy feat to accomplish. Many white supremacists rejected his ideas. In the end, he is considered as one of America’s biggest freedom fighters just like […]

Al Capone Research Paper

There are a lot of compelling characters in American history. These people gained strong power with a combination of incredible feats, a magnetic personality, and a powerful drive to be who they are. Among these characters, only a few out there have accomplished as much as the legendary American gangster Al Capone. Because of this, […]

Historical Research Topics

Students have to invariably write assignments on research topics in history as part of their historical research course. History is based on facts hence it is necessary to conduct thorough research to write a good history paper. Any historical research requires that you get organized and manage an effective paperwork system. One of the proven […]

Life in the South after the Civil War Essay

How Do I Write Life in the South after the Civil War Essay? Even after the end of Civil War, situation in the country was very far from normal. There were many changes which have occurred in the lives of people after the Civil War. Everything which was destroyed at the time of war needs […]

Salem Witch Trials Essay

The task of writing an essay about a dark page of the history that happened way back in the late 1660 is certainly a difficult one. Getting information for a Salem witch trials essay is a marathon task for students. Understanding the sequence of events is very intricate. When you get the assignment as part […]

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