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Posts Tagged ‘Critical thinking papers’

Pros and Cons of Abortion Essay

Pros and Cons of Abortion Essay: Parts and Points The topic of abortion is still very sensitive for many people around the world, and writing a pros and cons of abortion essay should aim not just to share your views, but to inform the readers about real facts. How to Write a Pros and Cons […]

Pro Abortion Essay

How to Write a Pro Abortion Essay Abortion is one of the most discussed topics of research papers, term papers, essays, and debates. There are different sides: pro life and pro abortion. If you are tasked to write an essay about pro abortion, you have to know some useful guidelines about how to write an […]

Human Cloning Essay

Writing a human cloning essay can be a very sensitive issue. There are some people who yet have to decide whether it is good or bad, but there are those who feel very strongly about their own opinion. Those who write about the pros and cons on the topic will find that there are enough […]

Essay on Cheating

Some Points for Writing an Essay on Cheating Cheating is practically everywhere. In the academe, for instance, students practice it by copying the answers of their classmates. In relationships, on the other hand, a person does it by committing adultery. There are still other cases of cheating aside from these examples. If this issue remains […]

Gay Marriage Essay

Gay Marriage Essay and Strong Opinions There are some online tips about how to write a gay marriage essay, but many students who plan to write about this issue do not have enough time to look at all these instructions. The issue of an unconventional marriage is very sensitive and lot of people already feel […]

Critical Thinking Essay Topics

Critical thinking implies reflective and reasonable thinking that helps one in the decision-making process and choosing something that is right. Critical thinking essay topics expect one to gather relevant information on the topic and discuss various issues involved to arrive at reliable conclusions. You use critical thinking when you have to exercise your vote. It […]

Morality Essay

Things that One Ought to Know for Writing Morality Essay Morality is one of the pressing issues that everybody talks about nowadays. Sure enough, a lot of articles on this topic are available in different sources. A person who wants to be a part of the roster of successful writers about moral problems might be […]

Cloning Essay

Cloning Essay: What to Write About There was once a sheep named Dolly, and it was able to bring change to the world. It was not born like a usual sheep. Instead, it was the product of a biotechnological company that was aiming to make an exact copy of an already existing animal. This is […]

Satire Essay

An essay on satire includes a composing design where satire is used to create an entertaining subject. It may also be used to condemn a topic. Authors of these kinds of essays typically use particular techniques to describe the satirical factors. These types of devices are those akin to hyperbole as well as paradox. Essays […]

Moral Essay

Morality is considered to be the greatest gift for human rationality. Every day, human needs a general set of rules of conduct and regulations in order to lead a life that is free from any sort of physiological and psychological suffering. Everyone has his own definition for morality. You may ask some metaphysical questions like […]

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