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Archive for the ‘Sample papers’ Category

Gender Stereotypes in The Hunger Games and Ship Breaker

Undermining Gender Stereotypes in The Hunger Games and Ship Breaker In both young adult novels The Hunger Games and Ship Breaker, the authors undermine traditional gender stereotypes. Both novels contain roughly equal numbers of female and male characters. In The Hunger Games, author Suzanne Collins gives the female protagonist many characteristics associated with traditional male […]

Totalitarian Government in George Orwell’s 1984

A Critical Analysis of the Totalitarian Government in George Orwell’s 1984 Books have influenced society ever since the ancient Greek civilization. In today’s society, authors often write books to hint at good ideas, or to warn their readers of line they should never cross. George Orwell is one such author, and he wrote his most […]

Religion in Politics

Arguably, the issue of religion in politics today has become so controversial and debatable. As a matter of fact, the relationship between religion and politics varies depending on nations. There are counties that believe that religion has nothing to do with politics, and should not influence it. In the real sense, people who belief in […]

The Scarlett Letter

The Scarlett Letter Hester Prynne finds herself a victim of an immorality case. The punishment is nothing less of facing the scarlet. Prynne’s punishment comprises exposure to the entire Puritans. The Boston women remain angered by Prynne’s dignity and beauty altogether, to be worth such a violation. They command her to name the man responsible […]

Victim and Criminal During the Same Offence

Introduction In criminal law, there several instances when cases involve two distinct parties, the accused and the prosecutor. In ordinarily legal parlance, the accused refers to the criminal. It is the duty of the state to prove that the accused did actually commit the crime. In that vein, most jurisdictions place the onus of prosecution […]

Solutions to Transportation Problems in Developing Nations

In order to develop workable solutions to the transportation problem in the developing world, it is important to understand the problems that face the population, the governments as well as the entire developing world’s economies. The problems of the developing world are (a) speed (b) inadequate infrastructure (c) over-reliance on road transport (d) congestion (e) […]

Design as a Strategic Business Tool

Introduction A design is a plan or illustration in form of a drawing that shows how an object will look, work or feel once it is produced. It is essential for organizations to create designs before they introduce products to the market. Designs help examination and elimination of mistakes in the product and addition of […]

Queens County, NY: Epidemiology

Queens County, NY: Epidemiology Abstract Epidemiological studies and reviews play an important role in public health by helping identify patterns of health-related events and relationship between exposures and outcome. This paper provides a comprehensive review of Queens County, the largest county and second-populated of the five boroughs of New York State. The county is culturally […]