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Proposal Essay Topics

As a college student you may have to invariably write research or term papers as part of your academic course irrespective of the discipline you choose to study. Writing on proposal essay topics serves as a prelude to writing an effective research paper. Your instructor may ask you to write proposal paper topics, so make sure that you come up with good proposals that are suitable to your area of study and is readily accepted by your professors. Don’t forget that you need to get good grades for your research paper. Your essay topics for proposal essay should focus on a particular problem supported by your beliefs and also provide choices to resolve a problem.

How to Choose Good Proposal Paper Topics?

The kind of proposal essay topics you choose depends on the particular subject area of your chosen discipline. But in general, guidelines to choose effective proposal essay topics would include selecting subjects that are controversial and invite effective arguments. Besides, the topics should be such that you are able to contribute some new information to the general audience. Take care to choose topics that allow you conduct elaborate research and give you enough scope to analyze the information in a logical manner.

What Are Some Potential Proposal Essay Topics?

  1. How ethical is the concept of “Designer” babies.
  2. The measures adopted by America to combat global warming.
  3. How is Climate change affecting US tornado.
  4. The impact of Technology on human Life.
  5. The Role of Standardized tests for College Admissions.
  6. Gun Licensing policies in the US.
  7. How is Climate change affecting Glacial Melting?
  8. The Problem of Homelessness.
  9. Recycling-Should it be made mandatory.
  10. Do Adoption laws need to be revamped.
  11. Issues surrounding Death Penalty.
  12. Is censoring required for Internet?
  13. How to tackle illegal immigration.
  14. How to encourage greater interest in Math among school and college students in the US.
  15. Laws regarding “Performance-enhancing “ drugs in professional sports.

What Are Some Guidelines to Choose Proposal Essay Topics?

Choose proposal essay topics on subjects that you are passionate about and have strong beliefs and viewpoints. The main aim is that you should succeed in convincing others to approve your plan. It would be a good idea to use brainstorming techniques to select suitable ideas for proposal essay topics. Take care to asses your knowledge about the topic and sufficient information which you may have to gather to substantiate your point of view to the readers. It is important for you to convince your readers that your proposal paper topics will make some significant contribution in your chosen area of research.

How Can We Help You with Proposal Essay Topics?

Many students require help in selecting proposal essay topics. Besides, writing about these topics requires detailed research and analysis. If you require any assistance with selection and writing proposal essays you can contact us at Our writers are subject experts who can guide you with not only the selection of suitable topics but can also provide useful writing tips and sample proposal essays. We offer added benefits such as 24/7 live support, 100% confidentiality, prompt delivery, free revisions according to our revision policy and fair pricing rates.