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Archive for the ‘Paper topics’ Category

Frederick Douglass Essay Topics

Suggested Topics Related to Frederick Douglass’ Life and Legacy Frederick Douglass is a brave man who fought slavery and inequality during the 1800s. At the time, this was not an easy feat to accomplish. Many white supremacists rejected his ideas. In the end, he is considered as one of America’s biggest freedom fighters just like […]

College Essay Topics to Avoid

Some College Essay Topics You Should Avoid College admission officers read and evaluate thousands of applications every academic year. It’s safe to assume that they have read more than a few essays that have mesmerized them. However, it’s also safe to assume that these college admittance officers have also read enough essays that are boring, […]

Chemistry Topics

Meaningful Chemistry Topics The challenge to the researcher is to make Chemistry topics meaningful and interesting by connecting the discussions to real life situations. A few illustrations will do. Atom After going through with the definition and identifying the parts of atom, a researcher may proceed to explain the mechanism of how soap is able […]

Interior Design Research Topics

Interior designing covers a broad range of topics including color schemes, design techniques, architectural design and many more. This is why writing a research topic about it can be quite difficult. Moreover, coming up with good interior design research topic is even more difficult. If you are to write a research paper but have no […]

Graphic Design Essay Topics

One of the biggest challenges when writing graphic designing essays is coming up with a good topic. An essay about graphic designing must be relevant, creative, and informative; thus, you can’t just write on any topic you want to discuss. If you find it hard to think of good graphic design essay topics, here are […]

Economic Term Paper Topics

Choosing economic term paper topics is not as hard as most people think. With so many possible selections, all it takes is a little sifting before students can settle on a specific topic. For those who are currently considering what subject would be best to discuss, following are some viable suggestions: Talk about recent events, […]

Art Essay Topics

Contemporary art essay topics appeal not only to artists but to most of the people. These movements include pop art, video art, street art, graffiti, art using electronic media or digital art, body art and others. Contemporary art typically demonstrates a heightened consciousness of the world or society the artist lives in. It may refer […]

Biology Research Paper Topics

A good writing skill would be obsolete if you would not be able to find interesting subject matters that you are going to discuss in a paper. If you are into the life sciences, the good news is that there is actually a couple of interesting biology research paper topics around. Here is a list […]

Interior Design Topics

Identifying Some of the Best Interior Design Topics Interior design topics range from very fundamental subjects such as color theory and other simple topics along that category to very complex subjects that include architectural design and building construction. This information and theory rich subject is made more complex by adaptations in different countries and varying […]

Biology Research Topics

Most research papers on biology are created for the advancement of the society. As such, it would be definitely helpful if you would choose to take a peek at innovative and good biology research topics. Contrary to common assumptions, there are actually a couple of biology topics that could make up a strong paper or […]

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