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Mass Media Research Topics

You may be required to choose appropriate topics for mass media research and write a paper on the chosen topic from ten to twenty pages depending on your academic level – High school, College, Master’s or PhD. In most cases, students come up with common topics for mass media research. But the field of mass media has undergone tremendous changes with emerging technologies that can become great mass media research topics.

What Are Some Sample Mass Media Research Topics?

  • If you are interested in the latest media, you can select mass media topics for research related to the subject of digital technology that has made large scale communication and broadcasting of all kinds of latest information available across the world.
  • Popular topics for mass media research can relate to the role of online publications, which is constantly evolving and growing. You can write about the present and future trends in the printed material.
  • You can select topics related to the growth and effect of the internet which has undoubtedly affected the mass media. The internet has brought tremendous changes in every aspect of businesses with a positive impact on life. Moreover, it has made an impact on the masses by providing easy availability and the current trend of portability through mobile devices.
  • If you are passionate about the field of advertising you can focus your mass media topics on the latest trends in advertising, the different techniques and strategies of advertising used in campaigns and their effect on culture and society.

What Are the Skills Required to Write on Mass Media Research Topics?

  • In order to write on good mass media research topics, you have to develop skills of analyzing data and familiarize yourself with the latest trends found in mass media.
  • Learn how to use the internet search and resources available in the library to gather useful and accurate information from periodicals and media journals.
  • In addition to choosing mass media topics for research, you have to learn how to write the paper in the required structure starting with the all-important thesis statement and later addressing the issues related to the topic under various heads.

What Are Some Popular Mass Media Topics for Research?

  1. Social Psychological Features of Mass Media.
  2. Psychological Motives of Mass Media in Society.
  3. The Effects of Social Networks on Mass Media.
  4. How dependent is our Political System on Mass Media?
  5. Health Communication Campaigns.
  6. The Uses of Mass Media.
  7. The Effects of Mass Media.
  8. What are the basic components of Mass Media?
  9. History of Mass Communication.
  10. Role of Media in Health Communication.
  11. The Persuasive Nature of Advertising.
  12. The American Press.
  13. Media Ethic Codes.
  14. Media Technologies.
  15. Censorship on Media.

How Can We Help with Your Mass Media Research Paper Topics?

If you have any problems with choosing mass media research topics, feel free to contact us at We can assist you at every stage of your work – from choosing relevant mass media topics for research to writing the entire paper on your chosen topic. We have a team of subject experts and qualified writers who can write on the latest mass media topics for research for all academic levels or even provide answer to your “write a personal statement for me” question. We offer attractive guarantees such as delivering premium quality research paper that is 100% free from plagiarism and free revisions.