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How to Write Controversial Essay

Knowing how to write controversial essay effectively is essential not just to get your essay organized, but to give readers a story worth reading. Since a controversial essay is something that a lot of people have a strong opinion about, writing should be done with consideration of the following things:

1. Choosing a Topic
The first thing to consider on how to write a controversial essay is the issue you want to discuss in your essay. What point do you want to consider? What approach are you choosing and how can your arguments contribute to the existing essays on the same topic? You might want to consider writing about capital punishment, gay marriages and environmental issues.

2. Structure
In order to come up with a powerful essay, you should first start organizing your essay structure. Just like any other essay, start with an introduction that is powerful enough to keep your readers’ attention. You must be able to demonstrate your opinion about the issue. Remember to declare your main point in this part.
After the introduction, write the main body of the essay. This should consider the supporting arguments that will help strengthen your claim. Of course, this entails extensive research to ensure that your claim is well supported with facts and not merely opinions. Previous studies statistics and theories are useful in highlighting the claim you indicated in the introduction.

3. Credible Resources
Why is it necessary to collect credible resources to support your argument? Remember that the emphasis on being able to protect the position you are trying to make is one of the things you should learn about how to write controversial essay. Backing up your arguments with facts cited from previous related works and studies reinforces those claims even more. At the same time, this gives credibility to your entire work.

Writing a controversial essay efficiently also requires professional and proper writing etiquette. This means that all citations and resources should be acknowledged and recognized by properly mentioning them as references in the bibliography section, text citation, footnotes and end notes.

4. Proper Wording and Tone
Controversial essay needs to be written with extreme care. Keep in mind that topics involved in any controversial paper are already debatable as they are. A tiny incorrect phrasing of the statement may lead to an aggressive response from readers who do not take your side. Although your essay should take a firm stand about the issue, it should not sound like a rant. It should demonstrate logical reasoning and rational ideas.