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Graphic Design Essay Topics

One of the biggest challenges when writing graphic designing essays is coming up with a good topic. An essay about graphic designing must be relevant, creative, and informative; thus, you can’t just write on any topic you want to discuss. If you find it hard to think of good graphic design essay topics, here are a few suggestions that you might want to consider. Rest assured, these topics are relevant, creative and informative.

  1. The Impact of David Carson on Graphic Designing – it is without a doubt that David Carson is a historical figure in graphic designing. He was viewed as one of the worst graphic designers of his generation, but today, his design aesthetics and techniques dominate graphic designing. This is one of the many graphic design essay topics that you can write about. Discuss the impact he had on reshaping the graphic designing landscape and how graphic designing techniques have evolved since his time.
  2. Research and Graphic Design – some people might think that inspiration and creativity is all you need in graphic designing. In reality, research also plays a crucial part in creating an effective and memorable design. You need to make a research on the most effective techniques, color schemes, taglines and all related aspects about the project you are currently working on. An essay about the relation and importance of research to graphic design can help open up possibilities and broaden the perspective for many graphic designers. This is a very helpful topic to write about in your essay.
  3. Design in Contrast – when it comes to designing, there really isn’t any rule that must be followed. You can talk about the contrasts in designing and how contrasts can make a design more appealing. Also, this can be contrast in terms of varying client interests as well as designer’s principles. This can be a great topic that all graphic designers will be able to relate to.
  4. Andy Warhol and Modern Graphic Designing – Andy Warhol reshaped the landscape of graphic designing. His works are very impactful and design aesthetics is definitely remarkable. He is an icon on his own right. It would be a great graphic design essay topic to discover the ingenuity of Andy Warhol and his design principles. You can also discuss his impact on modern graphic designing and how he was able to make a contribution for the industry.

These are just a few graphic design essay topics ideas that you can write about. These topics will ensure an informative, relevant and helpful essay that your audience will appreciate reading.