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Good Argument Essay Topics

School and college students have to write on argument paper topics at some point of their academic study. Good argument essay topics are those on which you can present your own personal opinions. People in general have very strong and defined views on such topics and they are largely debatable due to differing viewpoints. As a rule great argument essays are those relating to politics, religion, social beliefs, constitutional issues, bioethics, ecological issues, media, and so on. Take care to choose topics on which you can support your claim with relevant evidence.

Guidelines for good argument paper topics

  • You have to accept the fact that good topics for argument essays are controversial in nature.
  • Choose those topics in which you believe and have the ability to put forth your point of view in a logical manner.
  • You can argue on the topic on any side, but make sure that you have conducted sufficient research and support your thesis with well-founded arguments.
  • Try to base your arguments in a manner that will persuade the audience to your point of view by exposing the faults of the opposing views.

Examples of argument essay topics

  • If you have to write an argument essay in the field of bioethics, you can base it on genetic researching and whether it is beneficial or detrimental to humanity. Similarly, you could write about stem cell research and whether it is really ethical.
  • Many topics for argument essays can be generated in the field of IT studies relating to the usefulness of social media sites such as Facebook – whether it is an invasion on our privacy. Similarly, the Internet has generated many debates on its usefulness and whether it is getting too commercialized.
  • Social issues make for good argument essay topics which are generally interesting and provide useful insights to the general audience. You could choose topics relating to the problem of domestic violence and whether it is only women who are the victims of such violence. Another current social issue is the use of mobiles in public places and whether laws should be enforced for their use to avoid nuisance to society.

15 Argument essay topics to choose

  1. How is humanity responsible for global climate change?
  2. How do you view our taxation system?
  3. How fair is our election process
  4. Are cameras required for law enforcement?
  5. Is the Internet an indispensable part of Modern Society?
  6. Is a ban required on Advertisements targeting children?
  7. Health Care should be provided by the Government
  8. Home schooling is better than Regular Schooling
  9. Should Smoking in Public be banned?
  10. Sports should be made compulsory for all teens
  11. Can higher taxes on junk food promote Healthy eating among students?
  12. Is capital Punishment Necessary?
  13. Are Plastic Bags Necessary?
  14. Do women make better parents?
  15. Should Animals be kept in Zoos?

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