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Euthanasia Research Paper

Gathering the information

Writing a research paper about certain subject matter requires intensive gathering of materials, data, and information which should be acquired from credible and reliable sources. Journal articles, textbooks, expert opinions would count as credible sources. Avoid seeking information and data through personal blogs of other people. These are susceptible to prejudices and biases because of their subjectivity. For euthanasia, medical journals from medical association will be of great use. You must first determine the scope of which you are going to cover about the topic. Avoid being too clichéd about the topic and the scope of the research.

Organization of data

In writing a euthanasia research paper, you must come up with a sensible and organized structure of ideas. Provide drafts of outlines about the research paper for further elaborations to help you keep track of your train of thoughts while writing the paper. If the direction of your research paper is to inform people about euthanasia, then first provide context and definitions of what euthanasia is and what its current status in states is. You can also cite quotes from doctors and from medical associations, like the American Medical Association (AMA), regarding their knowledge about euthanasia.

The flow from the introduction of the subject to the conclusion of the subject matter must be progressive. An ideal method to use is the snowball method wherein like a snowball it rolls down from the top of hill, it becomes bigger and bigger. You should not commit the error of putting your most important facts and data elsewhere in the paper. For instance, if you are researching the benefits of euthanasia, do not put the benefits part at end part of the paper. The last thing that readers would like from a research paper is the main point of the paper be found in the later part of the paper.

Content of the research paper

Facts should be present. Avoid hinting of your own opinions. Objectivity is of the essence in research papers. Always cite your sources using formats such as APA, MLA and other. One format must be strictly used for the in-text citations and for making the reference list. Avoid plagiarism. The focus of the research paper should be consistent. There are instances where some research papers are informative but failed to emphasize and clarify the purpose of the research. Data and information was present all throughout but the purpose was not clearly stated. Be consistent regarding the information that you are going to convey to the readers. Journals are available online and others can be found in the library. Medical libraries are a place to go for research on euthanasia. Medical websites such as and are just a few to visit for these. Some websites may ask for payments, however.


Just like in any other research paper, there should be a conclusion. Conclude your euthanasia research paper by reiterating your points, summarizing and also giving recommendations on the future research. Also cite limitations of the research paper in terms of scope and data.

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