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Euthanasia Essay Topics

Euthanasia is a very broad topic for discussions. There are plenty of approaches in writing an essay about euthanasia.

Here is a list of possible and potential euthanasia essay topics:

  • How Euthanasia promotes the best interest of all people involved
  • Stories of relatives of patients who chose to not carry out euthanasia
  • Euthanasia as the best alternative solution for incurable diseases
  • Ethics of Euthanasia
  • The Upsides and Downsides of Euthanasia
  • Doctors’ stands on Euthanasia
  • Religion and Euthanasia
  • Personal Stand on Euthanasia
  • Animal Euthanasia
  • How Euthanasia affects the state’s image from the local to international perspective

Aside from this list of topics, you can still generate a topic of your own. The key to finding any topic for writing an essay is looking at it from different angles or views. Euthanasia can be viewed from many perspectives such as from the medical field, patient’s point of view, relatives’ point of view, government’s stand regarding euthanasia, the man-on-the-street’s opinion on.

Frequently used topics

When talking about euthanasia, people more often than not engage in debates with one another. Euthanasia essay topics such as why euthanasia should be accepted or rejected by the state and other topics related to arguing sides.

The doctor-patient relationship

You can also dwell on how euthanasia affects the doctor-patient relationship. You could expound on instances where patients are misinformed of euthanasia and its effects by their doctors.

Informative Essay on Euthanasia

History of euthanasia and how it was forwarded in certain places by doctors that chose to conform is one topic for this. The history of euthanasia has many radical ideas that sent the whole medical world reluctant of it, which makes it an interesting topic to discuss as a euthanasia essay topic. Another is how euthanasia is performed on a patient – the procedures, giving of consent, and etc.

Animal Euthanasia

One interesting topic for discussion regarding euthanasia is animal euthanasia. Does animal euthanasia differ greatly from human euthanasia? Explore whether the standards for the latter differs from that of the previous one. You can also bank on philosophical ideas that if animals should be granted right to choose to be euthanized, should it be given to them? Or should the choice and decision stay with the owner?

Future Milestones or Blunders of Euthanasia

Euthanasia as of now is not an openly accepted idea and is accepted only in a few places, Oregon, Washington, Montana, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, to be specific. You can dwell on the possible fate of euthanasia in today’s society.

Make sure the essay concentrates on only one perspective or only a very few at that. The essay should be informative and should not be clichéd.

You can also buy euthanasia essay topics from online credible sources and then have them develop it or you yourself can do it.