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Archive for the ‘Essay tips’ Category

Persuasive Essay Format

When writing a persuasive essay, you can follow a format to help organize your thoughts and create a seamless essay. This format is essential for your audience to understand your point better. This should also help you come up with a cohesive essay and a seamless transition to each part. Here is a sample persuasive […]

Controversial Essay Tips

There are several things you can observe when making a controversial essay. If you still feel uncomfortable, these simple controversial essay tips will help you to get through the drafting and writing process. When selecting a topic, you can start by listing all the possible topics and then decide which one you are most interested […]

Who Am I Essay Outline

Students may often find it challenging to prepare who am I essay outline and may sometimes feel lost. Even if this type of essay sounds more easy to prepare in comparison to conventional history focused essays or generic subjects, this essay may not follow its intended outline for essay ‘who am I’ if it is […]

Business Research Paper Topics

Jotting down ideas for business research paper is not very different from preparing for a war. Just as you cannot imagine going to a war without the requisite ammunition and essential gears, you just can’t go over and write a business research paper without good ideas. Business research paper topics definitely have to be different […]

Compare and Contrast Essay Outline

Among all types of academic writings, essays require a distinct approach. While they require a really dedicated work, there is also scope to present your distinct flair in them. Why essays offer a large platform for a writer is because they are needed for diverse needs. Talking about educational essays alone, students need them for […]

Narrative Essay Ideas

An assignment for writing essays is very common, but it is not that simple task as it appears. Essay writing is an art and especially narrative essay ideas always require superb imagination, command in vocabulary and grammar and above all – beautiful outlining of ideas for narrative essay. The narrative approach provides the writer with […]

Exploratory Essay Outline

1. An Introduction to Exploratory Essay If you are preparing an exploratory essay outline, first thing to know is that displaying the author’s knowledge is not the aim behind this piece of write-up. Rather it is an inventory of how well the author presents the subject and enriches the reader’s know-how. The term “exploratory” denotes […]

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