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Archive for the ‘Essay tips’ Category

Global Warming Research Paper Outline

Global Warming Research Paper Outline – Some Ideas to Help You Start Writing Did you get here by entering “Write my global warming research paper outline for me”? If you’re creating a paper about global warming, you’d have to construct a global warming research paper outline. It not only makes your writing task easier, but […]

College Essay Help

Do’s and Don’ts in College Essay Writing Getting admitted to the college of your dreams can be a tough stage for any senior high school student. Not only is there a pressure to step up your game and pass all your subjects and entrance exams, but there is also a fact that you have to […]

College Essay Outline

A college essay outline is a valuable step in effective essay writing. This is done during the pre-writing stage, and aids the writer in organizing his thoughts in a logical, orderly fashion before he puts in the meat of the essay. Planning the essay beforehand will save the writer from unnecessary reorganization or even rewriting […]

How to Write a College Research Paper

A research paper is an in-depth analysis on a certain topic. It involves searching for sources relevant to the topic and analyzing these in order to create your own interpretation of your findings. The most basic question we need to address here is “How to write a college research paper?” Indeed, it is a very […]

College Essay Tips

Getting into a college is hard for graduating high school students. They compete among thousands of other applicants, it is important for your essay to stand out among the rest. Here are ten college essay tips to help you get in the top colleges. Knowledgeable– This college essay tip shows that admission officers would like […]

How to Write a College Essay

How to Write a College Essay: Simple Ways to Write Your Best College Essay College essay is important because it presents your personality which cannot be seen in your test grades. You should know how to write properly to reveal your skills which can be helpful in the college admission process. Being prepared is the […]

College Essay Prompts

College essay prompts are one of the most important parts of the writing process. Here is a list of tips on how an applicant should respond. 1. Write about a local issue or event and how it affects you as a student? This is an example of a question that seeks to know your knowledge […]

Controversial Essay Format

How to Write a Controversial Essay Controversial or argumentative essays are often used in collegiate discourses such as debates. They are created to convey the writer’s opinion on a potentially controversial, taboo, or delicate topic such as homosexual marriage, abortion or death penalty. Luckily, there’s an easy controversial essay format that people can use to […]

Controversial Essay Structure

Controversial Essay Structure for Beginners Controversial essays, also known as argumentative essays, are one of the most difficult and technical pieces of literature that can be written. It should be formal, organized, grammatically and typographically correct. Controversial essays are used in scholarly discourses and debates, and are often based on subjects that are delicate or […]

How to Write Controversial Essay

Knowing how to write controversial essay effectively is essential not just to get your essay organized, but to give readers a story worth reading. Since a controversial essay is something that a lot of people have a strong opinion about, writing should be done with consideration of the following things: 1. Choosing a Topic The […]

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