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English Research Paper Topics

Topics that would make your English research paper worth reading

The common misconception about writing is that most people think it is like taking a walk in the park. Literature is no easy task; more so if one is planning to write a research paper. Research papers of whatever subject matter take time and dedication to finish, even if it is an English research paper.

Of course, a good introduction, body and conclusion are not enough to guarantee the acclaim you want for your paper. You must also take into consideration that you ponder on interesting English research paper topics for you to get a handful of readership that you hope for.

While you are choosing from a wide range of English research paper topics, take note that you have to take into consideration the type of research that you will make, whether it is a descriptive, historical, exploratory, action, quantitative, qualitative, or empirical research. One cannot just choose the topic randomly and must always be apt with the research type, or it will make no sense.

Also, target your readers. Make sure that the material you will write about based on what you picked out from various English research paper topics is relevant to your readers. After that, you should know what your readers know, because people will not be reading materials that they are already familiar with. So unless the topics you have chosen are relevant and unknown or unpopular to your readers, your paper will not gain readership. In the end, the level of curiosity that your writing will incite is always relative to your target market of readers.

Here are some suggested English research paper topics that will surely grab your readers’ attention:

  • Analysis of English as a tool in power dynamics
  • Why are lot of reading materials written in English?
  • Does non-verbal communication downgrade verbal communication?
  • Historical background of the English language
  • How English shaped the world
  • Development of the English language
  • A comparative study on English as a Second Language and English as a First Language
  • The variations of English in different parts of the world
  • English: A language of superiority?
  • Does the English language, like Latin, face an imminent death?

There are thousands of topics that you can write about, so always remember to widen your perspective and do not settle for narrow and shallow research problems with obvious solutions. Remember that the aforesaid topics are only suggestions. You are the writer, and what you will be wriing about is still up to you. Just always keep in mind that what is important are the form (writing style, cohesion, coherence) and content (English research paper topics).