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English Essay

Writing an English essay, like any other form of writing, should be taken seriously. Coming up with ideas and putting them all together in paper is not the way to do an essay. You have to weave your ideas in a way that would be easy to follow and understand so that readers will not get tired from reading your work. An English essay may be narrative, descriptive, argumentative or expository. A narrative tells a story; a descriptive is used when describing places, experiences, persons; an argumentative is used to convince the readers on a certain point; and an expository is used to explain, define or inform.

To start with your essay, assume that you are already done with your research, you have to formulate a strong thesis statement. A thesis statement is a claim or your main point. It is the controlling idea of your writing. Without the thesis statement, the readers would not find any reason to proceed further with your English essay because you do not have clearly stated a reason for writing to begin with.

The next step is to outline your essay so that you will know what to write. This will be based on the research you have made. The purpose of writing an outline is to make sure that what you will be writing will turn out to be coherent and cohesive, which are very important elements. Coherence means that all the ideas are connected, and cohesiveness means that these connected ideas make sense.

Divide your English essay into three parts: the introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction should be in a funnel format, meaning it must start from the general to the specific. You may start by making a direct question, quoting or statement of facts. It is usually in the introduction that the thesis statement is introduced. Meanwhile, the body contains the explanations and examples that elaborate the point you made in the introduction. Remember to provide strong evidence for your arguments and appropriately cite authors to prevent committing plagiarism, a major writing crime. The last part, which is the conclusion, serves as a reinstatement of the points you have made and the resolution to your thesis statement.

The most important thing to keep in mind about writing an English essay is that you must always remain objective, unbiased, and neutral. Whether you are writing a formal or informal essay, it is imperative to show all sides of the issue you will be discussing.

If you bear in mind these reminders, your English essay will be finished in no time and you will be able to produce one of great quality. Do not forget that an essay is an exposition, so explain well, describe well, narrate well, write well. If you do not want to trouble yourself with these, you can just buy an English essay at our website!