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Descriptive Essay Outline

Sometimes, expressing more by using fewer words is easier than wrestling with words to pour more life into a description. This can be reversed with a set of rules that kick-start the co-ordination of your senses to completely capture the content – written and planned!

Just as a proper outline of a picture would help a kid color the inside perfectly, a proper descriptive essay outline would augment the finesse of a descriptive essay! Here are a few tips that would help craft an accurate, descriptive essay without the usual perils of forgetting important points or over-describing a trivial aspect.

First of all, a good insight into the topic which the descriptive essay is to be written about would make the actual essay writing easier.

Secondly, with all the ‘content’ in place, the structure of the essay may be slowly formulated, like the sculpting of an idol (note the descriptive vocabulary!). To start with, the descriptive essay outline would need a compilation of all the aspects of the topic which needs to be touched upon for the essay.

For example, if the essay is about a person, aspects like the character sketch need to be jotted down. If the essay is about a scientific topic, a proper accumulation of necessary details is needed, and if the essay is about an event, all aspects relating to it, like place, time, purpose, outcome, emotions, etc. need to be captured.

Next, the outline process would include structuring the compiled matter into a proper body, with a smooth flow from one part to the other. The outline would help locate any forgotten points or wrong references and would aid in the quality addition to the essay.

With the compilation and arrangement taken care of, sprinkling the flavor of vocabulary is the easier aspect which can then be taken care of.

Thus, a proper outline is like the perfect recipe to ‘cooking’ the right essay!