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Death Penalty Essay Topics

Death Penalty Essay Topics: Important Things to Discuss

This article provides the most significant death penalty essay topics related to the on-going debate whether to abolish or reinforce the death penalty, also called capital punishment.

Below, let us discuss some important death penalty essay topics that you may include or incorporate when you write your death penalty essay.

First, let’s examine the five topics highly raised by the supporters of death penalty.

  1. Security and Safety. Undoubtedly, many people want security and safeness whenever they go out of their house; go shopping at the mall, or stroll at the park with family and friends. They believe that this implementation of capital punishment to guilty offenders would make them feel more confident to do extra outdoor activities, and in a safe and sound environment.
  2. Deterrence of future crimes. Crime has been so prevalent that we no longer consider it a big deal. Proponents of death sentence say that once people become aware about this form of punishment, crime offenders will deter to do any form of violence.
  3. Relief and closure. Capital punishment supporters realize that death penalty to the guilty provides relief and closure to family members of the killed victims. This penalization is a due compensation of the crime committed against their loved ones.
  4. Life taken, take life. An “eye to an eye” condition, as they call it. Once you commit a grave crime, you will be amortized with a punishment similar to the degree of the crime committed. You kill, you die.
  5. Fair punishment. Many groups supporting death penalty believe that it plays a big role in guarding the society from any acts of violence and harm; thus, it is just equitable to cut the life of anyone who is found guilty on doing such a serious crime.

Now, let’s bring up the death penalty essay topics educed by those who oppose the practice of death sentence in many societies.

  1. Innocent killings. Many people protest that those innocent people inside the jail should be given a parole or any equitable attention to be found not guilty of the crime they were accused of doing.
  2. Penalty discrimination. There has been discrimination in the practice of death sentence to crime offenders. In the US, there had been more non-White Americans that were executed. And in some parts of Africa, death sentence will be given to those who will violate anti-homosexuality laws.
  3. Moral Issues/Ethics. People who are against the death penalty are still fighting for its sooner than later abolition, due to its immoral approach in penalizing criminals.
  4. Conscience. Instead of having peace to the loved ones of the killed victim, death penalty has been perceived to drawing out the opposite of what the protagonists uphold. According to some studies, family members of the victim/s of a crime have realized that death sentence will not provide them forever peace and true justice.
  5. Spiritual stand. Many people are now encouraging everyone to choose God and so they would see the importance of life rather than death.

You can use all these death penalty essay topics in elaborating your thoughts or ideas about a dense topic such as the death penalty. Writing down, categorizing, and highlighting the agreeable and disagreeable accounts of both sides of the issue into your essay would now bring about positive feedbacks since you show consideration for and value to the two conversely proportional opinions of people about the sensitive issue in death penalty.