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Death Penalty Essay

This article will give you tips on how and what to write in such a composition about a death penalty without leaning on only one side of the issue.

Death penalty has received so many controversies around the world particularly in countries that still practice up until today. This kind of consequence is sometimes referred to as a capital punishment. Arguments whether to support or oppose death penalty have risen mainly due to the different views of people on such matter.

So, what to talk about first?

Initially, the information you should include when you make death penalty essay is the historical account that brought up a lot of things about death penalty. This will give your article a strong background for the reason that your readers will need to be informed of what had happened in the past; why death penalty had to be bestowed upon crime offenders with serious cases, and how then the people reacted to the idea of capital punishment.

You may go to your school library or visit the main library in your city, or well, consult Google. You need to do a light research to take account of the history of death penalty. But REMEMBER, light research means you need not to provide ten pages of death penalty’s history but rather give at most 250-word report. Also, do not forget to cite your references or else you’ll be sued for stealing other’s intellectual property.

If you don’t feel like following the previous way, then, you may do some first-hand research. Ask certain people in your community about the issue. You may interview some students, church members, lawyers, or even politicians in your local community. What is their stance? Do they agree or not? This will certainly help you further your discussion considering both the affirmative and adverse opinions of the people. This method implies that it is deemed important to include when you write death penalty essay about the people’s varied inputs on a heavy subject matter such as death penalty.

Anyhow, either way, you would assuredly have a good start in writing death penalty essay effectively.

What to do afterwards?

Organize the ideas and information you acquired from your research. Categorize those data that oppose the praxis of death penalty from those who support it. Analyze the different ‘historical insights’ or ‘people’s views’ on the issue and pledge not to lean on whichever side. Do your best to become unbiased on the issue while you make death penalty essay for readers. Balance your assessments for and interpretations on both the pros and cons.

That’s it! You can now begin writing

Start with an introduction about what you are going to write down and what you want your readers to grasp about. Then, discuss the supporting details of the topic; you may precede with the protagonists’ opinions first, thence followed by the antagonists’ sentiments.

Afterward, evaluate both sides of the topic of death penalty, and then come up with a cohesive pronouncement. Make sure of the words you are going to use in writing death penalty essay neutrally. Language should be universal as the issue does not only concern a specific group of people.

As a conclusion, you may or may not leave an open-ended statement to let your readers, not you, decide whichever side gives the most rational justifications.