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Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

Common Topics for Criminal Justice Research Papers

Peace and order in our society are made possible by erecting justice systems that will apprehend and give the due punishments or penalties to individuals who go against the law. This system is home of many controversies since it deals with some of the most sensitive issues in the society such as the administration of justice and the treatment of the suspects. People have different perceptions and opinions about justice. That’s why criminal justice research paper topics are usually argumentative in nature.

If you are interested in law, or maybe taking up a course in criminology, criminal justice research paper topics would be perfect for you.

Common criminal justice research paper topics include:

  • Capital punishment. This has been a very controversial topic in the criminal justice system. As most countries had death penalty in the past and had abolished it since, it is important to question whether the abolishment of the death penalty had done more good than bad.
  • Prison systems. What are the existing rules and regulations in the prison systems? Are they effective? What can be done to improve the living conditions and the quality of life of inmates?
  • Criminology theories. A research paper on criminology theories would focus on concepts such as rights (of the accused, the accuser, victim, suspect and even the witnesses), criminal justice being a double edged sword, and the different types of crimes.
  • Legal system. Research papers on the legal system would inquire about the goings on in the legal world. What is legal and not legal? What happens during a criminal trial?
  • Forensic anthropology. Forensic anthropology focuses on the role science and technology play in the criminal justice system. Topics of interest would include: DNA as evidence, criminal procedure, confession scenarios and racial profiling.
  • Racial profiling. This is classified under forensic anthropology, but this particular topic has spurned outrage in colored races, especially those branded by the majority as criminals. The paper would discuss the incidences of crimes among different races and how it had affected the public (and even the law’s) perception of a specific race.
  • Incarcerating mentally ill persons. The role of mental health in influencing an individual’s behaviour is also to be considered. If one commits a crime because of his illness, is he/she considered a criminal? What is the treatment for mentally-ill people who have committed crimes?
  • Juvenile delinquency. Nowadays, we see a steadily increasing rate in juvenile delinquency. How is this handled by the current justice system? Are minors to be treated differently from any other criminals?
  • Gender bias in the court. This paper would study different cases of how men and women were treated in the courtrooms. Is there possibly a difference in the way the court apprehends male and female offenders?
  • Work release programs. This paper would discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having a work release program to the offender, his/her family and the society in general.