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Creative Persuasive Essay Topics

First of all, you should thank your professor for giving you a creative persuasive essay assignment. He or she could have given you something harder to write about, such as a book review or a research paper on a complicated subject. Because of this, you have no reason to turn in a boring essay.

Be Creative and Enthusiastic

The only two requirements of the essay include using your imagination and persuasive skills. In short, you must write about a fresh topic with the goal of convincing your reader to think in the same direction. Here are a few suggestions on creative persuasive essay topics that may help you get started.

Trying Something New

If you are a fan of a specific activity, it is a good idea to write about it. Are you into sports, travel, or food? For example, you are into travelling by foot. To convince the reader to think positively about it, you can list benefits such as saving money, and getting to know the people more. Here are other ideas:

  • Reasons Why You Should Try the Paleo Diet
  • The Benefits of Couch Surfing
  • Enjoy Freedom and Work with Telecommuting

Talk about Timely Issues and Current Events

One of the popular creative persuasive essay topics includes writing about news and current issues both local and abroad. In this kind of writing, you are bound to choose a side which you favor more than the other. Just remember to have an open mind and prevent yourself from being too engrossed with the topic. Here are suggestions:

  • Religion: Is it Necessary?
  • Why the Gap Between the Poor and the Rich Gets Bigger Each Year
  • Lower Taxes for the 99% and Higher Taxes for the 1%
  • Spending More for War and Arms Rather Than For Healthcare


If you want a new approach, you can try writing about ethical dilemmas. For creative persuasive essay topics of this type, be sure to give out a clear sample scenario with only two options. Defend the option you chose in a well-structured essay. Here are examples:

  • To Stand Up for a Cause or To Keep Silent
  • Euthanasia for Year-Long Comatose Patients
  • Kill One and Save the Majority


You can try something different by writing about fantasy-based scenarios. It would definitely be an interesting topic especially if you give out sensible answers and explanations behind your reasoning. Lastly, convince the reader to do the same. Here are great ideas:

  • To Turn Back Time and Correct My Mistakes or Not?
  • 5 Reasons Why it is Better if We Have Magic Skills
  • Would a Hunger Games Scenario Work in Our Society? I Don’t Think So