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Creative Essay Topics

11 Creative Essay Topics to Choose From

The creative essay is probably one of the easiest essays to write. It does not need technical knowledge and jargon unlike other academic essays. In fact, it might be one of the few essays that you will actually enjoy writing.

What Topics to Write About

You are free to choose any topic you like. You can share a personal experience, an interesting anecdote, or explain an idiom that you find amusing. The versatility of the creative essay is what makes it easy to complete. Any topic, as long as it is appropriate, can be your creative essay subject.

List of Potential Creative Essay Topics

Here are some great creative essay ideas. You can use them as a guideline for your college application essay, a Language requirement essay, or as a submission to the menagerie section of the official school paper.

A Significant Life Experience

There are many things in life that teach people a lesson or two. Sometimes, these events become so important that they guide people on making their future decisions. When writing an essay about this, talk about the effects it had on your personality, values, and outlook in life. Some topics include:

  • Choosing a College Program that Reflected My Interests
  • Standing up to a Bully
  • Fighting the Pressure of Smoking and Drinking Alcohol

A Recent Failure

Not everything in life is as smooth-sailing as most people hoped. There will be times when things do not go the way it is planned. If you want to focus more on your personal transition as a result of a life-changing event, then you can write an essay that explains a recent failure.

  • Being Fired from My First Ever Job
  • How my Failing Grades Affected my Future
  • Being Hated For Who I Am as a Person

A Hobby

You can reveal a part of yourself by sharing your hobbies and favorite activities. One good thing about choosing hobbies as your creative essay topics is that it is easy and enjoyable to write. This will also give your readers a passionate expression about what you do.

  • Journalism: An Unending Quest for the Truth
  • My Love for Words and Telling Stories
  • What I Love Doing: Making People Laugh

A Favorite Something

For sure, you have something you truly treasure such as a favorite game, movie, song or artist. You can break up the monotony of traditional essays by writing about your favorite subjects.

  • My Favorite Movie: Inception
  • The Genius of Charles Dickens


Being creative is boundless. If you think you have more interesting creative essay topics in mind, go for it! The more invested you are with your topic, the better it would translate into a well-written creative essay.