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Creative Argumentative Essay Topics

Four common types of essays expected of students to write during their academic years are: expository, descriptive, narrative and argumentative. Expository essays require students to investigate an idea and expound on it in order to create a valid conclusion. Descriptive essays either characterize a person or object or describe an event or experience. Narrative essays are personal accounts of an experience, akin to telling a story. Argumentative essays, which will be the main focus of this article, present the author’s opinions on an idea and backs it up with related facts, based on his/her investigation.

Choosing creative argumentative essay topics can be difficult. One has to think about whether or not it will be in the interest of the readers, and whether it would hold their attention for the whole essay. Creative argumentative essay topics do not need to be complex or deep; sometimes even the simplest of topics can attract the attention of people.

Here are some creative argumentative essay topics that you may be interested in:

  • Age of computers. From outdoors to indoors – that’s how people have evolved, especially at the advent of computer technology. Are computers really improving our society, or is it turning us into social hermits?
  • Animal testing. Animals had been used for centuries as test subjects for medical, scientific, and product-testing experiments. Whether you support this practice, sufficient evidence supporting your stand could be easily found.
  • Artificial contraception. While religious leaders are opposing the use of such, research states that there is reduced incidence of STDs among people who use artificial contraception.
  • Cats versus dogs. Both canines and felines are being bred and raised domestically by humans. But which of them would make better pets?
  • Examinations. Teachers would always say that grades do not define a person, so what’s the point of taking examinations? Are they an accurate way of measuring student performance at school?
  • Legal age in obtaining driver’s license. In the United States, a 16-year old teen can take the exam to get a driver’s license, significantly younger than the global average of 18. Is age supposed to be a criteria in obtaining driver’s licenses?
  • Reality television. Is this a marketing strategy to advertise the rich and the famous? Discuss the positive or negative effects of reality TV has on the society.
  • Social media. Facebook and Twitter – everybody has one. Is social media really bridging the gap between people, or is it bringing on a new kind of social isolation?
  • Stress being beneficial to the body. When one thinks of stress, the first thing that comes to our mind is something negative, but science says that stress can actually benefit us.
  • Violence in media and in games. Studies show that there is an increase in violent behaviour among children who are exposed to violence-laden television shows and games. Is this applicable to everyone or it depends on the person?