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Controversial Essay Format

How to Write a Controversial Essay

Controversial or argumentative essays are often used in collegiate discourses such as debates. They are created to convey the writer’s opinion on a potentially controversial, taboo, or delicate topic such as homosexual marriage, abortion or death penalty. Luckily, there’s an easy controversial essay format that people can use to draft the paper.

First Paragraph

This is the introduction of the essay. It should state the issue along with the terms that will be used when talking about the subject. You should also state a brief history and significance of the topic. To close the introduction, discuss the controversy surrounding the issue, along with the opposing side’s major arguments. End the paragraph by clearly stating which side or perspective you will follow.

Second Paragraph

According to the controversial essay format, the second paragraph is the beginning of the body. This paragraph—or paragraphs—will focus on the basic stand of the first perspective, or the first side. You should state and discuss the major arguments and reasons that this perspective usually gives, along with the writer’s commentary on its strong and weak points. End this section with a well-rounded summary.

Third Paragraph

The second perspective comes right after the first perspective. Likewise, a paragraph or a number of paragraphs could be used to cite the major points of argument for this perspective, along with the writer’s comments about its strong and weak points. This section should also be concluded with a brief recap.

Fourth Paragraph

In this section, the writer must express his or her view about the perspectives, citing facts, and rational arguments, moral and ethical principles, as to why he or she is taking the side of the first or the second perspective. This should be the strongest part of the whole essay and should be able to convince the readers of the writer’s point of view.

Fifth Paragraph

This is the conclusion of the essay, where the writer restates his or her opinion.

Sample Controversial Essay Format

  1. Introduction • Issue/Topic; definition of terms • Brief history and importance of issue • Controversy; opposing sides • Writer’s stand
  2. First Perspective • Their stand • Common major arguments of this perspective • Writer’s comments on both the strength and weakness of this side • Summary
  3. Second Perspective • Their stand • Common major arguments of this perspective • Writer’s comments on both the strength and weakness of this side • Summary
  4. Your View • Brief comparison of perspectives • Arguments that support writer’s stand
  5. Conclusion • Restate the writer’s opinion as strongly as possible.

Of course, there are other formats that can be used to write this type of essays, and you are welcome to buy controversial essay completed according to the format at