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College Essay Help

Do’s and Don’ts in College Essay Writing

Getting admitted to the college of your dreams can be a tough stage for any senior high school student. Not only is there a pressure to step up your game and pass all your subjects and entrance exams, but there is also a fact that you have to advertise yourself as a worthy candidate for your desired degree major. What better way to do so by writing an impressive college essay to stand out as a desirable candidate for the admissions staff!

Some may be good in writing, but for the rest of us, we may need a little college essay help. Below are some things to do (and to avoid) in order to write a good admission essay.


  • Organize your thoughts first. You could do this by making charts of your main ideas and then connecting them as you would want them presented in your essay or by making an outline to separate your thoughts into the main ideas and the supporting details. This will serve as your guide in writing your essay and would help you to keep track of yourself while writing.
  • Focus on grammar. A good essay could easily be ruined by grammatical errors. It just reflects that you are not taking the essay seriously and that you do not deliver quality work, both of which are characteristics that you wouldn’t want them to see in you. Don’t hesitate to ask for college essay help from your family, friends or teachers.
  • Make revisions. Most people are too embarrassed to read what they’ve written and settle to submit their drafts. Give yourself a break after writing to refresh your mind and go back to your essay after one or two days. This will give you time to ponder on what you wrote and how you can further improve it.


  • Make a grocery list of your accomplishments. The admission staff will already know how good you are academically based on your grades in school. Not only will it be boring to read, but it also doesn’t reflect who you are as a person. Instead, focus on one or two of your accomplishments and elaborate more on that, creating a story that will engage and impress your reader.
  • Lie. It may be an obvious thing to say, but there are times when we would exaggerate on our accomplishments or tweak a little fact here and there just to appear desirable to the admissions staff. The last thing they would want is an applicant who would blatantly cheat himself into their college.

Writing a good college admission essay can be a challenge, but with this college essay help manual, you are well on your way to write an amazing essay!