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How to Write an Evaluation Essay

Posted on August 26, 2016 by Justin Maynard

how to write an evaluation essay

An evaluation essay is basically a five-paragraph review of a service, product or business. Your teacher may choose the review topic for you or may leave it up to you.

In the essay, you’ll need to establish criteria for what makes something good or successful and present your rating for these areas and justification for them.

An evaluation essay is a great assignment for students to learn how to distinguish between good and poor qualities.

Here are the steps to writing a successful evaluation service:

Choose your topic

In order to start writing your essay, you’ll need to decide what topic you’re going to write about. You may be writing about a work of art, a movie, a business service, an app, a work of architecture, a restaurant or any number of other things. If your teacher hasn’t given you a topic, then make sure you choose something that you can write knowledgeably about. For example, if you don’t drive or own a car, it wouldn’t be a good idea to evaluate the mechanical services of a business. But if you frequently eat at a certain restaurant, you could write your essay on that.

Establish your criteria

Now you’ll need to decide the different areas you’re going to rate. If you decide to write an evaluation essay about a movie, you’ll want to include areas such as acting, casting, story line, cinematography, musical score, costumes and other areas. You’ll need to rate your opinion on each of these areas when writing your essay. If you have trouble deciding which areas to include, look up a couple of movie reviews online to help you.

What’s your reference point

If you’re rating a social network, you’ll probably be comparing it to Facebook. What are the ways in which Facebook is successful? And how does the social network you’re rating compare to it? In many areas, there will be a business or service that sets the example for other similar businesses and you may want to use their standards to help you establish your own.


With these things in mind, you’re now ready to watch the film, sign up for the social network or eat at the restaurant in order for you to rate the criteria you’ve established. Remember, you’re not just going out to dinner, but you’re there to observe and take notes. If you’re entering a restaurant, notice if the hostess is friendly. Does it take you a long time to get a table? Do they offer reservations? How is the ambiance? How was the experience with your server? How was the food? Was the presentation on the plate appetizing? Did it take a long time to arrive? How does the cost compare to other similar restaurants? Be as detailed as possible and take notes. Don’t rely on your memory- there are a lot of details to remember.

Organize your notes

At this point, you’ll be ready to look through your notes and break them down into the different categories. If there are any gaps or missing information, make sure you re-watch the film or go back to the restaurant to fill them in.

Write your first draft

    • Introduction paragraph – introduce your topic by letting the reader know what you’ll be discussing. Be sure to include a thesis statement, which is basically the bottom line summary of your experience with your topic.
    • Paragraphs 2-4 – discusses your areas of criteria and provides details and justifications for why you rated your topic the way you did.
    • Conclusion – Give your final judgement on the place you evaluated or add an interesting fact or detail about your experience that makes the topic you chose unique.

Edit your draft

Make sure you edit your essay for grammatical and other errors. Have a fellow student or parent read your essay as well to see if they catch any mistakes you didn’t.

Final tip: Don’t be afraid to state your opinion in an evaluation essay. That’s the point – to share your thoughts and explain why you felt that way.

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