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Argumentative Research Paper Topics

Students are required to write on argumentative research paper topics in diverse disciplines such as Humanities, Sciences, Finances, Bioethics, Informational Technology, Social issues, Constitutional policies, Politics, Religion, Media, Ecological issues and so on. You may have to write on topics of the prescribed length of 8-10 papers or a longer thesis. Whatever be the length of your paper or academic level, take care to choose interesting paper topics for argumentative research which also have relevance to the current situation. Choose a subject that not only interests you, but on which you have defined views and enough information to write an effective paper.

How to choose good argumentative topics?

  • Choose paper topics for argumentative research that are controversial and give you enough scope to develop your arguments on the chosen topic.
  • While choosing argumentative research paper topics, make sure that you have strong opinion and can validate the same with reliable and accurate evidence.
  • You can argue either for or against the idea represented in the topics, but ensure that your arguments are based on a thorough research.
  • You can write good argumentative papers on a variety of topics in various disciplines such as Arts, Sciences, Bioethics, Field of Information Technology and Social issues.

What are some tips to select paper topics for argumentative research?

You can generate many ideas for argumentative research paper topics by simply leafing through magazines or newspapers. While choosing argumentative topics, it is necessary to narrow down the topic to something specific to suit the desired length of the research paper. For instance, if you are interested in writing about the Iraq war, you could narrow down your topic to whether American intervention was necessary in the Iraq war, or the effect of the prolonged fighting in Iraq on the morale of the troops. The same topic approach can be used when you are working on “write essay on stereotypes for me” assignment.

What are some interesting argumentative research paper topics?

  1. Is it really necessary to have universal health care?
  2. The pros and cons of genetically modified food.
  3. Should the aging population be put under compulsory nursing care?
  4. Should the state take care of the health needs of the aged?
  5. Should Euthanasia be made voluntary?
  6. The government could benefit by increasing the retirement age of employees.
  7. Should pet owners pass a test before they can own one?
  8. Are humans responsible for global warming?
  9. Is it necessary to raise children as vegetarians?
  10. Would you vouch for treating depression with medication or stressing on healthy living?
  11. How good and relevant is acupuncture as an alternative medicine.
  12. Are violent movies responsible for generating violence in society?
  13. Should there be laws for the use of the Internet?

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