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Against Gay Marriage Essay

Against Gay Marriage Essay: Writing what You Can’t Say

Many people will say that they are for same-sex marriages or that they believe that those with same-sex preferences should be given equal rights when it comes to being able to marry, but not all of them mean what they say. It would not be surprising to find that many people are for same-sex marriages only because it appears that majority of the population believes so. From the other side, those who would say no to the unconventional marriage are just obnoxious bullies. However, there are still many students who have chosen to write against gay marriage essay to share their opinion.

Writing vs. Saying

Writing gives a form of freedom that can often be more powerful than speech. In writing, you are not bound to the scrutiny of others right away. There is also more venue in which to explain your views as opposed to when you are speaking and is then cut off by someone who has other ideas. Many will also find that although speaking can get the message across more quickly, it can also deliver the wrong idea at an even faster rate. Those who are looking for tips to write against gay marriage essay should be mindful of these things.

Passion or Majority?

Again, it is not surprising that many people would say that they are for homosexual marriages because it seems like the right side to take. However, it is also correct to say that many are afraid to voice out that they are for the idea, simply because they are in the minority of the population.

Writing an Essay against Homosexual Marriages

Putting anti-homosexuality on paper could be the easier and more practical track to take for many people. Those who write such opinions, however, should be mindful of the views of the other side. For example, statements such as ‘homosexuality is disgusting’ should be avoided. It is okay to voice out personal feelings on the paper, but only after assessing what readers could potentially feel about it.

Offensive Statement

Here is a list of some offensive statements that could turn off and offend a lot of people. When you are thinking: “how do I write my against gay marriage essay for me”, remember that such statements should always be avoided:

  1. Homosexuality is an abnormality.
  2. Gays are freaks.
  3. Homosexuality is a contagious disease that should be stopped.
  4. Homos are immoral.
  5. Same-sex relationships are just experiments.

These statements do not even cover important issues that are involved, such as whether or not same-sex partners should be allowed to raise children and create a family.

Anti-Gay Online

Although many papers that are being written are for equal opportunities, there are still essays and papers that are against the idea of homosexuality. Those who are interested this type of paper can simply search online or simply buy against gay marriage essay online at